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Re: Problem booting from 2.4 CD (i386)


> The boot process uses the bios.  Some of that is pretty slow.  Also,
> autoconfig can be spead up (wrt some drivers), and will likely be done
> sometime in the future...  [Note: some of the slowness needs to be
> there, to satisfy various specs...]
> Well, loading 1.44MB from floppy is never particularly quick.  I have
> ideas for improving that, but not today...

No, I mean _really_ slow. It takes about 20 minutes to boot the system,
and just loading the kernel from floppy takes about 10 times longer than
it did in 2.3. Personally, I think that seems to be a bit slower than even the

slowest bios would perform, neh? :-)

Jens Örtenholm