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Re: postfix port/package

There was a last-minute change in the release schedule, in order
to coordinate the software release with press publicity.

The software will appear on-line late Sunday evening, for some
definition of time zone.

In addition, errata and mailing list information will be made
available on the web via www.postfix.org.


David O'Brien:
> > BTW I'm rolling out 19981211 today - have to use the official name
> > in the LICENSE text.
> > 
> > Please pick it up in an hour or so and use that as the only official
> > one.
> Do you have an offical URL for the file?  Various forms of 
>     http://www.ibm.com/alphaworks/postfix-beta-19981211.tar.gz
>     http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/postfix-beta-19981211.tar.gz
> don't work.
> -- 
> -- David    (obrien@NUXI.cs.ucdavis.edu  -or-  obrien@FreeBSD.org)