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Problem booting from 2.4 CD (i386)


I just received a couple of 2.4 CDs I ordered the other day, but I
experienced a few problems
with installing on one machine. Here goes..

1. Booting from CD won't work. Booting starts and finds fd0, fd1, fd2,
fd3 and then everything
just hangs. Is this a known problem? Same thing happens with the 2.3

2. Succeeded installation by making a bootfloppy and installing, but
when I boot the system it
takes AGES. Everything in the boot process just seems to go very-very
slow, but once the system
is started everything seems to work OK (haven't played around very
aggressively yet though).

With bootfloppy, boot finds fd0 and then hd0*, then it starts moving

System: Intel Seattle SE440BX motherboard, 384 MB RAM, Pentium II 400Mhz
Adaptec 2940UW SCSI, NEC 32X SCSI CD-ROM, Plextor PlexWriter CD-R,
internal SCSI
ZIP-drive, Quantum Fireball EL 10GB IDE-disk, Matrox Millennium G200,
Soundblaster Live,
3COM 3C509 NIC.

Thought someone might want to take a look at it. If you need more info,
let me know what.

Jens Örtenholm