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Re: How to show rawdate in screen default

Artur Grabowski <art@stacken.kth.se> wrote:
> RFC 1945 page 14 and 15:
>   For definitive information on URL syntax and semantics, see RFC 1738
>   [4] and RFC 1808 [9]. The BNF above includes national characters not
>   allowed in valid URLs as specified by RFC 1738, since HTTP servers
>   are not restricted in the set of unreserved characters allowed to
>   represent the rel_path part of addresses, and HTTP proxies may
>   receive requests for URIs not defined by RFC 1738.

That is talking about the data that HTTP servers must accept, not
what constitutes a valid URL. It does not make sense for RFC 1945
to override RFC 1738 on this point. But this is very off topic ;-).


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