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Re: installboot problems

Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Richard Holland:
> I have a rather interesting problem
> 2.3/i386:
> I have 1 openbsd partition (partition 0) start: 0 end: 1333394
> and 1 win32 start: 133395 end: 7084665
partition _MUST_ start at 1st (not 0th) cylinder.
so, you are ovewriting your mbr w/ you primary boot, no wonder
you are having problems...
and this is documented, and this is not _default_ settings...

> I setup fdisk accordingly, disklabel the partition, install, everything
> goes fine
> I started having odd problems while copying the source tree from my cd,
> and doing other file i/o operations, for fun i invoked fdisk and notice my
> partition table now showding me having 1 openbsd partition starting at 0
> and ending at 50000, thats ~24 megs!  I ran through an install again step
> by step checking the fdisk table after each section of the
> install.....when installboot is invoked at the very end, my partition
> table is being set to the 0 <-> 50000 size!  While the system still works
> (buggy),  this partition information renders my windows partition unusable
> until i re-edit the partition and set it right, and doing this makes
> OpenBSD unbootable....now I ran 2.2 for 6 months (changed to 2.3 in this
> period) cvss nightly and doing weekly system builds and had no problems!
> The most stable OS i've ever used to date, I hope I can redemy this
> problem to continue using it, btw my computer changed 90% of it's hardware
> from when I ran OpenBSD before, so maybe it's something to do with this
> hard drive or motherboard?
> Ohh, and Todd Miller suggested that i feed installboot the -h and one
> other flag (saved in an email, dont recall the exact flags).
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Richard Holland
> Holland Transportation
> In there like swimwear

    paranoic mickey       (my employers have changed but, the name has remained)