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Re: How to show rawdate in screen default

	If telnetd is 8 bit in default, why those chinese code I send from
my destop to obsd is showing as odd english code, due to termcap or getty
or sth else?


On 4 Dec 1998, Artur Grabowski wrote:

> Nathan Ye <webmaster@hz.col.com.cn> writes:
> > 	Since my native lanague is chinese, lots of program must be done
> > with chinese lanague. But openbsd's most utility only use 7bit as default,
> > such as "more", "vi","less","telnet", is there one way to modify sth to
> > let those utitlity use 8 bit in default? such as "less -r" and "telnet -8"
> > does?
> telnet defaults to negotiate 8 bits right now. For less it's the environment
> variable LESSCHARSET. Others I don't know, but here in Sweden we have
> lots of problems with eight bits.
> Anyone intrested in the 8-bit battle can look at:
> http://www.lysator.liu.se/åttabitars/ (Yes, that's a valid URL, read the RFC).
> //art