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Re: AMD K6-2 been tried?

>Yup, seems to be only AMD class machines. Probably a timing problem. Had
>the same type of problem with a Creative 3D Blaster banshee under 'doze98 &
>AMD K6-2. Cursor would disapper and a whole lot of other weird things.
>Fixed with a bios upgrade for the Banshee. Unfortunately I've haven't been
>able to find a bios upgrade for the S3 virge DX card I'm running with X.
>(The same problem doesn't occur with the Virge and 'doze).

Bear in mind: Microsoft has released patches for AMD K6-2's 350 (And faster) running on Windows 95 and 98. Seems they blew a timing loop, and the 350 was "too fast" for the OS. 
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