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Re: AMD K6-2 been tried?

>Chris <chris@sefl.satelnet.org> writes:
>> K6 and K6-2 work fine for me, perhaps your problem is with RAM?
>> > The only problems I've come across with the K6-2 are corrupted graphics
>> > running X, after replacing a 200Mhz MMX pentium with a K6-2 300Mhz cpu in
>> > an Aopen AP5T motherboard. The motherboard is running at 66Mhz not 100Mhz.
>> > As yet Haven't had time to work out why.
>> >
>> With Matrox cards this doesn't happen to me, with cheaper older S3 cards
>> it does...
>I see this behavior on OpenBSD 2.3 as well running a cheap S3 card on an
>	cpu0: AMD K6-2 ("AuthenticAMD" 586-class) 267 MHz
>which I have run various incarnations of XFree-3.3.2 and compliations from
>the OpenBSD CVS tree.
>More specifically than "graphics messed up", my fonts get replaced with
>random data.  My current "fix" is to switch to a TTY VT (via CTRL-ALT-FN)
>and back to the X display.  This seems to fix things, until the graphics
>get corrupted again.
>Is this only happening on AMD machines, then?

Yup, seems to be only AMD class machines. Probably a timing problem. Had
the same type of problem with a Creative 3D Blaster banshee under 'doze98 &
AMD K6-2. Cursor would disapper and a whole lot of other weird things.
Fixed with a bios upgrade for the Banshee. Unfortunately I've haven't been
able to find a bios upgrade for the S3 virge DX card I'm running with X.
(The same problem doesn't occur with the Virge and 'doze).

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