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Okay, a fatal mistake may or may not have been made on a system here.
Just after running make build on a system here, power was lost on the box,
and no kernel upgrade was done.

The problem I'm having is that now, at the console login, after typing in
the username, init is complaining that getty is repeating too quickly on
port /dev/console, sleeping.  Telnet access is being closed almost

Is there some way I can repair the damage here?  Other than re-installing.

Also, I have one DEC AlphaStation200 (which I posted about earlier in the
week) which is pausing at boot just before starting network services, and
forcing me to got into single user mode, execute sh, and then exit.  Upon
exiting, the machine boots normally, but this is a bit of a hitch should I
have to reboot remotely. :)  Any ideas?  I haven't seen this behaviour on
any of our i386 boxen.

Thanks as always,