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Re: ATAPI (IDE) Zip Drive Support

In message <19981202030656.Y15904@ans.net>,
	Phillip Lenhardt writes:
>Looking over http://www.openbsd.org/i386.html, I don't see ATAPI Zip drives
>explicitly mentioned as being supported or unsupported by OpenBSD. Hinting at
>the negative, I see that parallel port Zip drives don't work; hinting at the
>positive, I see support for ATAPI cdrom. Is anyone actively using one under
>OpenBSD (preferably with 2.3) or definitively know one way or another? I know
>there are better solutions for backup than Zip disks, but a previous investmen
>makes this most cost-effective.

There are beta quality drivers that work with the Zip drive.  Perhaps Toby
will make some diffs that can be easily applied to 2.4 for people to use.

Personally, if it's just that you have a buch of Zip media from another
system you should get a SCSI drive.  The external SCSI-only drives are
fairly cheap (<$120) these days.

Jason Downs

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