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Re: How to change the booting device order

	The question is bios find the 1542 first, then map the two disk
attached to it as hd0 and hd1, then ncr, hd2. But kernel probe the ncr
first, marked hd2 as sd0 and hd0, hd1 as sd1, sd2.
	Everything is a mess, that's why I need to let kernel use 1542
first to be accord with the bios, is there any methods?


On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Federico G. Schwindt wrote:

> > 	I install one NCR pci scsi card and one ADAPTEC aha1542 isa card
> > in my computer.
> > 	When I build the kernel, ncr0 always shot up in front of the aha0
> > device. But I want to use the disk attacted to aha0 as the root disk, what
> > should I do to let kernel find aha device first?
>   Change the line "config bsd swap generic" in your config file with something
> like "config bsd root sd0a swap ...", where root sd0a is the disk attached to your aha1542.
>   Federico Schwindt.-
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