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LiteOn PCI modem on obsd3.4


On an obsd3.4/i386 box, I have a LiteOn PCI modem,
which is not recoginzed by the kernel.

Anyone succeeded in running this "wonderful" piece of hardware,
or at least having some nifty ideas about recognizing and using
the hardware without writing a dedicated driver :-D ?

The model stamp on the PCI card is "MODEL: F-1156I#/S3A".
dmesg line for the device is:
unknown vendor 0x163c product 0x3052 (class communications subclass modem, rev 0x03) at pci2 dev 12 function 0 not configured

google'ing about the modem produced only results
about M$ Windows drivers.
grep -Eril '0x163c|0x3052' /usr/src/sys/dev/pci produced nothing.

Best Regards,
Stoyan Genov