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Re: Aironet and Hostap mode

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On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Fernando Braga wrote:

> By the way: do you know of anybody doing wireless bridges ? Which brands
> are they using ?
I think that the folks at SeattleWireless are (mostly using linux-wlan
stuff I think). They have a pretty nice card comparison at

Depending on how far a distance you want to cover, you can go cheap or
spend a little more on a higher-powered card/antenna setup. I think that
the Demarc cards (http://www.demarctech.com) and the MicroTik cards
(http://www.wireless.lv) both sound pretty good. A little spendy, but if
you've got to go a long distance w/ your bridge, the extra $$ is likely to
be easily offset by the savings in headaches.

Also, check the above-mentioned page at Seattle wireless for names of
ready-made bridges. LInksys has one that's ~$100 which seems pretty
attractive to me at least as far as price goes.

All that being said, nothing will help you more than a good high-gain
(directional for long shots) antenna. Just make sure that your EIRP is
within FCC specs if you're building/using really high-gain antennas.
They're pretty reasonable on what you can do for point-to-point stuf
though. You can easily hit MILES if you've got line of sight without
violating FCC regs. If you're planning on long-distance stuff, drop me a
line and I can make some suggestions for antennas, etc.

- -d
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