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Re: Finding some UPS which works with OpenBSD

have been using various APC ups's with
Solaris, Open & FreeBSD, Win2k & linux with the Open/Free software (not
sure of it's official status, it's one of the two) apcupsd for a couple of
years now with no problems.  It works fine with every APC ups i've tried
it with, from the cheapo i've got at home to the bigger units at work, and
looks like it'll work with the 8Kva Symmetra unit we just got.

I think the key is finding good software support and then picking hardware
based on that. apcupsd supports more hardware than just APC, check their
site (www.apcupsd.org) for more details...  you might be able to save
money with a different brand of hardware.

Good luck,


On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, David Rio wrote:

> Hi all:
> I want to buy a UPS system to protect my server machines against power
> faults. My servers run openbsd so I would like to find some UPS system
> which work with openbsd. Looking the mailling list archives I have found
> some info about this topic but no one point me to some good UPS system. My
> question is: is there anyone who is using some UPS system with his openbsd
> machine? I know that exist some package (basically nut) which was created
> to do this kind of things but I would like to know your experiences with
> this topic.