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Re: email

Your pf settings have no affect over netscape mail if you are getting a
Access Denied error.  If you were getting a timeout etc. error, then yes
you can eye up your pf ruleset, but since your not, you don't have to
worry with it.  Make sure 100% that the settings are correct, etc.  Then
try a another mail client.  Fetchmail would work great for testing
purposes.  Are you trying to send email, or recieve it anyways?  I am
assuming you are trying to recieve your email over a POP3 connection.
Anyways, try a different mail client on the openbsd machine, then report


On Sun, 13 Oct 2002, stevenw wrote:

> i have used openbsd since 2.8 and it has been flawless. with 2.9, recently, i started getting access denied from my
> roadrunner smtp server(my openbsd is the router/firewall for my home network and it gets dynamic ip from roadrunner).
> the error in netscape is:
> An error occurred while sending mail.
> The mail server responded:
> 5.7.1 Access denied
> Please verify that you email address is correct
> in your Mail preferences and try again.
> of course all this has been verified correct. all my firewall rules are wide open for troubleshooting purposes
> and if i hook any of my windows machines directly to the cable modem. everthing works fine. i upgraded to 3.1 this week
> and get the same error. my question/bug is that if the nat is completely transparent, how
> does the smtp-server.cfl.rr.com know when my router is hooked up?
> thanks,
> steve