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Re: RTL8139 Cardbus

begin  electrogrammati illius David Given

>I recently bought a PCMCIA ethernet card, only to discover that it
>wasn't supported by OpenBSD 3.0.
>This card is an extremely basic RTL8139 in a Cardbus box. OpenBSD seems
>to support only very few Cardbus cards, according to the kernel source.
>However, given that Cardbus is basically just PCI, and the PCI version
>of this card is supported --- the card's even got the right PCI
>vendor/manufacturer ID --- it would seem to me that adding support for
>it would be completely trivial.
>Am I right? If so, where should I look to find out how (I'm willing to
>do the work myself)?

Donate the card to the developers, and they'll help you.

If I recall correctly, rtl8139-pcmcia/cardbus is supported in -current.

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