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booting hangs after install

I don't know if there is a real bug causing my problems, but on other
similar machines I have been using OpenBSD without any problems.
So here is what happened today: I installed OpenBSD 2.9 on a
yet-to-become firewall (old 486 with VLB-board). The
installation-procedure went by perfectly, connecting Router, DNS, FTP
was no problem hat all. But when I reboot the system after the
installation the whole machine hangs after "starting network" or "adding
default gateway". Several tries to install didn't solve this problem,
only once (by chance?) the booting process went on to the portmapper and
hung the machine there. In any case the login before rebooting is
working, including ping, DNS and so on.
I've never seen this strange kind of problem before, and Linux has been
working fine on the same machine, so I doubt that there is defective
hardware involved. I also don't know how to further track down the
problem. Any hints will be appreciated...