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press alert!

Hello all,

I just about choked on my lunch reading the Globe and Mail's story on the
HotMail breach:
   "Jill Schoolenberg, a marketing manager with Microsoft Canada's MSN
unit, said attacks from computer hackers are the price that Microsoft pays
for being a high-profile software maker with top-notch security systems."

I just got off the phone with the writer. Hopefully another (whack!)
re-educated reporter. He's to call me back when he's ready to do a story.

Please keep checking your local paper for stories like this. If we provide
a provocative and interest counterpoint (the Net can be secured, here's
how), we can raise our profile.

Send me the information and I will contact the writers directly (North
America), or I can coach you if you want to do it (elsewhere).

 --Louis  <louis@bertrandtech.on.ca> 

Louis Bertrand       http://www.bertrandtech.on.ca/
Bertrand Technical Services, Bowmanville, ON, Canada  

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