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Re: Articles for DaemonNews?

>The choice of topics is wide: security, system administration, your
>favourite port, newbie corner, adventures in BSD...  And if you want lots
>of flame mail from Slashdotters, you can write a BSD vs. Linux piece! News
>and "OpenBSD in the media" items are also welcome.

Let's be cautious with our attitudes and perceptions here, lest we fall
into M$'s plans to divide and conquer.  Whever anyone asks me which is
best, I respond that both Linux and the *BSD's are excellent top notch
OS's, and to just go with what you already have the most experience with.
My opinion is that *BSD vs. Linux debates are counter productive.  Articles
objectively comparing and contrasting are welcome, but there is no need to
turn it into a competition designed to rank them on some chart. 

Just my $.02


Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with your Microsoft product.