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Re: OpenBSD presentation

* Richard Welty <rwelty@averillpark.net> [031027 16:47]:
> i have an opportunity to do a presentation at a security conference
> here in Albany in April of next year, and i'm seriously considering
> doing one on OpenBSD, an introductory overview focused on the
> security advantages of the system. there are opportunities to do
> 75 minute overviews and 2 1/2 hour in depth presentations.
> i'm wondering if anyone has any existing presentation materials
> that they'd be willing to let me see so i can develop a rough plan
> for this. i have until the 31st (not far away) to put together a proposal.
> i'd also be interested in knowing of any experience anyone has in
> what works and what doesn't in these sorts of presentations.

There are several presentations, slides, and papers available on the
website at http://www.openbsd.org/events.html.