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OpenBSD presentation

[i'm new to the advocacy list, but have been using openbsd for
some time. -- richard]

i have an opportunity to do a presentation at a security conference
here in Albany in April of next year, and i'm seriously considering
doing one on OpenBSD, an introductory overview focused on the
security advantages of the system. there are opportunities to do
75 minute overviews and 2 1/2 hour in depth presentations.

i'm wondering if anyone has any existing presentation materials
that they'd be willing to let me see so i can develop a rough plan
for this. i have until the 31st (not far away) to put together a proposal.

i'd also be interested in knowing of any experience anyone has in
what works and what doesn't in these sorts of presentations.

thanks in advance,
Richard Welty                                         rwelty@averillpark.net
Averill Park Networking                                         518-573-7592
    Java, PHP, PostgreSQL, Unix, Linux, IP Network Engineering, Security