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Re: FOI rights, grammar, and enlightenment

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Craig Carey wrote:

> I was not advocating Debian. But with wrong winners and at least one
> stupid mailing list, even a small fraction of that problem at FreeBSD
> would tend to lead persons to consider using OpenBSD.

Not sure what the relevance here is, but ok...

> Historically it has been the case that a small problem is inflated so
> that it blocks out vision and that problem has to be fixed.

Have you identified such problems with OpenBSD?

> I doubt that OpenBSD has identified its principles right.

OpenBSD's principles are clear and concise, actually.

> Suppose it is being extincted - then which wasy does it jump ?.

Up?  WHAT are you talking about?

> Certainly that is of interest to readers of the mailing list. At worst
> OpenBSD's "advocacy" mailing list would be as dim as Debian's "debian-
> vote" mailing list and say that it can't tell what the topic is.

Case in point, this thread.  I think.  I'm not sure I interpreted your
message correctly.  But this thread is trying to (I think) compare a lot
of different, unrelated, hypothetical things in some sort of reasonable
manner.  I'm not sure if your thread was a "what-if" or an attempt to
illustrate something real, but most of us don't get it.

> I argued that Debian selected the wrong leader using its Debian-Vote
> mailing list.

This has absolutely no relevance to OpenBSD.

> (I can see the sentence design errors that readers can (e.g. one missing
> "not", and a missing "to or "from"). If readers want to check that they
> can do so.)

It's the stuff you're not picking up on that is confusing the rest of us.

Now...  Can we PLEASE stop this thread now?  It isn't useful since no one
seems to know what the hell it's even about.

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