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Re: openbsd bumper stickers

on 9/13/01 10:25 AM, Arno Kruse at kruse@kruse-ict.nl wrote:

> Hey all@advocacy,
> I would be willing to start a small OpenBSD bumpersticker project. I
> find myself ordering more CD's than i need, just to get more of the
> artwork to put on my car, our servers etc. I contacted some companies
> who are willing to print even low numbers of stickers and stuff like
> that. They also do coffee mugs and all other kinds of merchandise. I
> care about doing this kind of artwork and am willing to do some design.
> I have not all time in the world, though. If there is someone else who
> is interested in doing this, we should get together and start our little
> project.
> Just let me know,
> cheers,

I'd be happy to help. My day job is a graphic designer. I just get stuck
with sysadmining our servers. I could do artwork, as well as web design for
a paraphernalia site.

Trey Stout
lead developer

405.946.0200 office
405.946.1800 fax