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Re: openbsd bumper stickers

Hi Douglas,

Douglas Elznic <dfe@anize.org> schrieb am 11.09.01:
> Hello,
>  I am curious about openbsd bumper stickers. Have they ever been
> available or discussed? My initial reaction was that they would be a
> good way to raise money and promote openbsd but then I realized i know
> nothing of the economics of bumper stickers. 

To summarize the issues that have come up after every demand for more
-creating them the first time (artwork etc.) costs money
-someone would have to care for it
-it's hard to estimate how many people would actually buy the stuff,
online everyone's saying 'that's cool, I'd buy 'em,' but later on there
are fewer orders.

OpenBSD has the coolest
> artwork of any OS i have ever used;) So why not put it on my car and on
> my laptop case...

For my laptops I always use the stickers that come with the CDs, you
do have them, right?

so long

Tobias Paprotta                                      tobias@paprotta.de

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