cvs updating to OpenBSD 2.4

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Date: Sun, 08 Nov 1998 12:34:49 -0800
From: Marco S Hyman 
To: Evan Champion 
Subject: Re: cvs get 

 > As I managed to screw up the make build process before by creating the
 > objects in /usr/src instead of /usr/obj, I'd like to confirm that this
 > is all I should have to do to get from 2.3 to the latest code is:
 > cd /usr/src
 > make obj
 > make build
 > make install

Nope. First of all make build does a make install, but it does NOT
update anthing in /etc/  Here's something I sent to both this and
the tech list.  Save this message.

   * update source (assuming existing sources in /usr/src)
     1) cd /usr/src && cvs -d -q up -PAd
     2) backup your system

   * Special things specifically required to bootstrap 2.4.  Not necessary
     if you've installed from a recent snapshot.
     1) (as root) mkdir -p /var/named
     2) (as root) mkdir -p /usr/include/ssl
     3) [I forget!  There may be something else needed -- don't remember]

   * build and install a new kernel
     1) cd /sys/arch//conf
     2) edit NAME where NAME is your kernel config file;
        update kernel config file by hand
     3) config NAME
     4) cd ../compile/NAME && make clean && make depend && nice make
     5) (as root) mv /bsd /obsd && mv bsd / && chown root.wheel /bsd
     6) (as root) shutdown -r now

   * (assuming the system comes back up :-) build a new system
     1) su
     2) cd /usr/src && nice make obj && nice make build
     3) update /etc and /dev/MAKEDEV by hand
     4) shutdown -r now

That last shutdown is just to make sure that your changes to /etc
worked.  Remeber, /etc is NOT updated by make build and MUST be updated
by hand.  One possible way to do this is as root:

     1) mkdir /xxx/yyy
     2) export DESTDIR=/xxx/yyy		(assuming ksh)
     3) cd /usr/src/etc && make distribution-etc-root-var

Now compare /etc withg /xxx/yyy/etc to see what has changed, what is
new, etc.  Ditto for /root, /var, and /dev.  I'm assuming that /xxx/yyy is
a path to someplace large enought to hold a mirror /root, /var, /dev,
and /etc.  On a sparc this requires a little over 2 meg.  When you
are done "rm -rf /xxx/yyy" to get clean up.

// marc

Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 14:49:25 -0700
From: "Todd C. Miller" 
Subject: sendmail changes in OpenBSD 2.4

In 2.4, /usr/libexec/mail.local is no longer setuid, to prevent its
abuse by users (trivial mail forgery, filling up /var/mail, etc).

If you are upgrading from a previous version of OpenBSD you will
need to either regenerate your with an OSTYPE of "openbsd"
instead of "bsd4.4" or edit the directly and in the
line that begins with Mlocal, change the "rmn9" to "rmn9S".

If you use an old with the 2.4 mail.local you will
lose mail.

 - todd

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