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Re: Installing kde4/kdelibs4

On Saturday 30 May 2009 11:29:12 you wrote:
> > Hello guys!
> > I have a problem installing kde4. Everytime i want to build the
> > sources, make install stops with fetching or applying the patches to
> > the port. My port version of kdelibs4 is 4.1.1. Is that the actual
> > version? I used portsnap for fetching the
> > newest ports.

Your ports tree is still out of date. The current version of KDE4 in ports is 


I would advise you to remove anything relating to KDE4 (qt4, phonon etc.) that 
did build and start again with a fresh ports tree, perhaps using csup and a 
local mirror (see the handbook) instead of portsnap to ensure you have the 
latest of everything. 4.1.1 is from January 5th and there have been four 
updates to the metaport alone since then.

Just FYI, you may want to subscribe to the kde-freebsd_(_at_)_kde_(_dot_)_org list for 
subjects such as this rather than using the freebsd-x11@ list. The KDE on 
FreeBSD team all hang out there and answers will probably be much more 
informative and relevant.

Matt Dawson

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