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Re: re-probing DDC/EDID

Robert Noland <rnoland_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org> wrote:

> So Adam just pointed out that you are still running 6.9...

Thanks for checking into it.  I'm certainly not surprised that newer
versions provide new capabilities :) but a bit disappointed to find
that this version can't re-probe the monitor -- at least not easily.
(I did some grepping around in the code, and decided fairly quickly
that there's good reason for non-gurus to stay out of it.  I think
I'll stick with command-line utilities and the kernel, which I have
some hope of understanding.)

> You really should update your installed ports to something more
> recent.  I was assuming that you were running relatively current
> ports.

This box is pretty well frozen, esp. WRT X, unless something comes
along that breaks it very badly and makes an update unavoidable.
As long as it ain't broke ...

Instead, at some point I will get around to installing something
much newer -- it would probably be 7.2 if I had time to pursue it
in the near term -- on a different box, and once it is working well
it may end up taking over this one's function.
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