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Re: re-probing DDC/EDID

On Tue, 26 May 2009 01:59:58 -0700
perryh_(_at_)_pluto_(_dot_)_rain_(_dot_)_com wrote:

> Yes.  You suggested:
> * Running "xrandr -q".  I previously provided the output from having
>   done so, noting that it appeared to be reporting the monitor info
>   pertaining to the older monitor -- thus presumably cached at
>   startup -- rather than anything which might have been produced
>   by rerunning the probe after I had switched to the new monitor.
>   There are at least three resolutions provided by the new monitor
>   which are not in the "xrandr -q" report, and two of them (720x400
>   and 640x350) are smaller than the old maximum of 1280x1024 and thus
>   presumably should not have been suppressed based on being too large
>   to be usable by the currently-running server.  Furthermore, the
>   342mm x 271mm screen dimensions reported by "xrandr -q" are those
>   of the old monitor; the new one is about 517mm x 324mm.
> * Finding out which display driver is being used.  I replied that,
>   based on the xorg.conf produced by -configure, it appeared to be
>   ATI.  (If there is a better way to find out, I don't know about it.)
> * Removing the modelines from xorg.conf.  I have not tried that, but
>   I have observed that "xrandr -q" does not seem to cause xorg.conf
>   to be reread, unless it is somehow able to do it without updating
>   any of the inode's three timestamps.  (I'd expect it to update the
>   access time, or perhaps the inode-change time instead if it were
>   going to the trouble of explicitly setting the access time to its
>   prior value.)  Thus I don't suppose that any change to xorg.conf
>   would become effective until a restart of X.
> * Looking in the xorg log file, after running "xrandr -q", for a new
>   probe report.  "xrandr -q" does not seem to have appended anything
>   to the xorg log file, nor does its manpage indicate that it should.

'xrandr -q' should definitey query your monitors and dump the new
information to /var/log/Xorg.0.log if you are using a driver that
supports xrandr 1.2.  If your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file shows that you
are using the radeon driver (do you have hundreds of lines starting
with "(II) RADEON"?) and it isn't working as expected, either your Xorg
installation is broken, out-of-date, or you have run into a bug that
needs to be reported upstream.

What version of Xorg do you have installed?

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