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Re: Script configure failed unexpectedly

Loftin Graham wrote at 23:36 +0000 on May  7, 2009:
 > Here's the relevant info (attached).
 > Please let me know what can be done to get around this problem.
 > Requested 'randrproto >= 1.3' but version of RandrProto is 1.2.1

The config.log output above says you have randrproto 1.2.1

But your 'ls /var/db/pkg' output shows randrproto-1.3.0

Something doesn't seem to fit.

These may help you find your problem...

cat /usr/local/libdata/pkgconfig/randrproto.pc
pkg_info -g -x randrproto
pkg-config --debug --variable=prefix --modversion randrproto
ls -ld /usr/X11R6
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