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Re: Radeon 9250 DRM in 7.2-RELEASE

Paul Schmehl wrote:

Read /usr/portsUPDATING wrt xorg. There were major changes in the config file and peripheral detection between 7.1 and 7.2

You need to make sure that both dbus and hald are running. Remove the mouse and keyboard sections from your xorg.conf file. They are no longer needed. Make sure to remove any line that references RgbPath.

This may help to get the mouse working (ignore the DontZap line):

Section "ServerFlags"
       Option "DontZap" "No"
       Option "AllowEmptyInput" "No"

This should get DRI working:

Section "DRI"
       Group 0
       Mode  0660

I tackled the above when I upgraded Xorg to 7.4 months ago, independently of any FreeBSD release updates.

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