• mailing list memberships reminder, mailman-owner
  • [Ann] APRIL Printing Specials........, RG Media
  • Current problem reports assigned to you, FreeBSD bugmaster
  • Sistema de Atendimento Online para Sites - Atendimento Fácil, Ricardo Ribeiro - Atendimento Fácil
  • Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS, Kris Kennaway
  • RE: Radeon + X11 + DRI, Rumen Palov
  • Weird crash of a Java app in multi-screen X11 setup, Mikhail Teterin
  • Re: EnablePageFlip and EnableDepthMoves tests (was: Re: DRI under Linux compat problem), Alexander Leidinger
  • fglrx ATI driver, Neil Short
  • xfontsel would not start, xterm crashes, Mikhail T.
  • X troubles (possibly radeon related), Jason Morgan
  • Re: ports/93777: Starting xorg-server requires reloading sound module, Eric Anholt
  • DRM regression (cvs commit: src/sys/dev/drm, Dmitry Pryanishnikov
  • i915 DRM breakage in -CURRENT, Jonathan Fosburgh
  • Xorg on ATI Radeon 1600 Pro, Olivier Saut
  • does XFree86 have better hardware detection than Xorg?, Neil Short
  • FreeBSD Port: xorg-libraries-6.9.0, Giovanni
  • Dual-head with i810, Michael Landin Hostbaek
  • FreeBSD ports: 1 unfetchable distfile: x11-servers/xorg-server-snap, Bill "distfiles" Fenner
  • Problem using ATI 7500/LG 17" LCD Monitor, Chanyoun Park
  • Re: ports/92169: Xorg 6.9, Matrox mga, dri broken (MGAGetBOARDHANDLESize undefined), Andre Albsmeier
  • Re: ports/96293: devel/imake-4: Add LATEST_LINK, Edwin Groothuis
  • Re: x11 MergedFB is now working in my X300 ATI RADEON, Chris Shenton
  • Re: ports/96436: [patch] x11/xorg-clients: logging on xdm with pam_krb does not create a ticket file, Edwin Groothuis
  • [PR pending] Repair XDMCP at xorg port, Boris Samorodov

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