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Quake2 and mouse


I recently replaced an old TNT card with a Radeon 7000 and, so far,
everything works fine (xvideo and dri), but, there's a weird problem
with the mouse when playing Quake2. It's nearly impossible to use mouse
aiming, it's like it only captures every nth event. I googled around,
and found comments suggesting the use of 'set in_dgamouse 1' in the
console. However, this doesn't fix it, only makes it a bit better (read,
more reponsive).

My XF86Config file is pretty much standard, and has this:

# initialisation of the XFree86-DGA extension within that module.
    SubSection  "extmod"
      Option    "omit xfree86-dga"   # don't initialise the DGA

Commenting this out causes artifacts in the windows (I'm using XFCE4), I
haven't tried Q2 with this commented out, though. So, has anyone else
seen this? Is DGA supported on Radeon 7000 cards? What could be a
possible solution for this? I really miss a go at deathmatch :)

	Miguel Mendez <flynn_(_at_)_energyhq_(_dot_)_es_(_dot_)_eu_(_dot_)_org>
	PGP Key: 0xDC8514F1