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NYC*BUG Wednesday

This month's New York City *BSD User Group meeting. . .

October 03, 2007
Gene Cronk on Implementing IPv6

6:30pm, Suspenders Restaurant

This talk will be on some of the basics of IPv6 including addressing, subnetting, and tools to test connectivity. There will be a lab (network permitting), and setups for an as of yet undisclosed flavor of BSD as well as some of the well known daemons (Apache 2, SSHD) will be demonstrated. Setting up a BSD OS as an IPv6 router and tunneling system will also be covered.

If you`re reading this and see something I missed (and plan on attending the meeting), please drop a mail to the list and let me know what else should be added.


Gene Cronk, CISSP-ISSAP, NSA-IAM is a freelance network security consultant, specializing in *NIX solutions. He has been working with computers for well over 20 years, electronics for over 15, and IPv6 specifically for 4 years. He has given talks on IPv6 and a multitude of other topics at DefCon, ShmooCon and other "underground" venues.

Gene is from Jacksonville, FL. When not involved in matters concerning IPv6, he can be found gaming (Anarchy Online), helping out with the Jacksonville Linux User`s Group, being one of the benevolent dictators of the Hacker Pimps Security Think Tank, or fixing up his house.
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