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PhxBUG Meeting - This Tuesday - Honeyd

This month's presentation will be "An Introduction to Honeyd: A HoneyNet
in a Jar", co-sponsored by LOPSA-US-AZ[1], the Arizona chapter of the
League of Professional System Administrators. Following up on Darren
Spruell's excellent presentation of HoneyNets and the HoneyNet project,
I (dwc) will give a tour of honeyd, a very configurable honeynet daemon
written by Niels Provos (now at Google, formerly an OpenBSD developer).
Honeyd can be configured to emulate the network stacks of various
operating systems, provide various services, and answer on unused IP
addresses or whole subnets.

This month we have a new location at ASU, courtesty of Wayne. Thanks,
Wayne! It's in Tempe Center on the corner of Mill & University, with
free parking from 7PM in Lot 16.

After the presentation we will meet up at Casey Moore's Oyster House
just around the corner.

Map links, etc., on the web site (http://bsd.phoenix.az.us/node/131)

[1] http://lopsa.org/LOPSA-US-AZ

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