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Re: making the linksys 200m work...

On 12/18/06, M. Warner Losh <imp_(_at_)_bsdimp_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

From usbdevs:
* List of known USB vendors
* USB.org publishes a VID list of USB-IF member companies at
* http://www.usb.org/developers/tools
* Note that it does not show companies that have obtained a Vendor ID
* without becoming full members.

sorry, I've got v 1.121 2003/04/21 which is missing those lines. I think
this is what is included in 6.2 rc1 correct? Where can I get the latest

: OpenBSD usbdevs has: vendor CISCOLINKSYS 0x13b1 Cisco-Linksys
: I called is LINKSYS4 trying to follow the pattern that was established
: usbdevs, but now I'm using the line from the OpenBSD usbdevs file.

OpenBSD is more right here because 0x13b1 is 5041 which is listed as:

5041|Cisco-Linksys, LLC

which is what should control the naming.  Every so often I go through
the list and regularize them to more closely match and the more
LINKSYS12's there are, the more work I have.


The last thing I want to do is make your job harder. I'm just trying to
modify my local FreeBSD build to support this hardware.

If there is a usb developers FAQ or other documentation I should read first,
could I please get a pointer? I'm kind of flying blind right now. I've
started messing with the OpenBSD driver to see how hard it would be to port.
Later this week, I plan to check into the OS X driver.

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