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Ethernet problems

Hi all,
I've been using freebsd for about 6 months now and I'm trying to set up a
network switch/gateway. I need to use several usb ethernet adapters since
the box has only 1 NIC and no more expansion space.

I pickup up a dlink dub-e100 and a linksys usb200m. They both come up as
ugen devices. After hacking the usbdevs file and rebuilding, I was able to
get the system to recognize the linksys as an axe device, but ifconfig does
not show the interface. :( I have not tried this with the dlink yet.

Is anyone working on a fix for this? If so is there any way I can assist? I
saw that there was a low priority defect for the dlink filed, but I do not
see a defect listed for the linksys. Are there any usb ethernet devices
currently on the market which do work with 6.2rc1 ?

Please help!

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