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* Daniel Eischen <eischen_(_at_)_pcnet_(_dot_)_com> [030608 19:12]:

> The other way is to set PTHREAD_LIBS=-lkse when building
> the port.  At least that _should_ work if the port is
> set up correctly (sometimes, autoconf or libtool can
> detect a threads library on its own and can override
> whatever PTHREAD_LIBS is set to).

I had forgotten about that way, which is much less work for just one 
port.  Unfortunately, mysql appears to be one of those few ports 
that is too smart for it's own good :)  It not only uses libtool, but 
has quite a bit of Makefile logic to select between threading 
libraries like libc_r and linuxthreads.  End result, it completely 
ignored PTHREAD_LIBS.  Odd, since the configure script did appear to 
figure out that it wanted "-pthread" on the linker line... Oh well.


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