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UFS file system problem in either stable or current

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 06:23:20 -0500, Peter Schultz wrote:
> Dan Strick wrote:
> > There seems to be an inconsistency between release 4.9-RC and 5.1 ufs
> > support.  If I fsck the same ufs (type 1 of course) file system on
> > both releases, each claims that the other has left incorrect
> > summary data in the superblock.  Presumably only one can be correct.
> > I just don't know which to blame.
> > ...
> There is no problem AFAIK, you just have to fsck with the matching 
> executable.  A lot has changed with FreeBSD 5, spend some time with the 
> -current archive and you will learn more.  I'm sure you noticed how your 
> findings are consistently inconsistent.

Thanks for the pointer.  I eventually found at least part of the
discussion in the -current archive.  I interpret the discussion as

The 5.x UFS1 file system turns out to be slightly incompatible with
earlier UFS file systems.  The problem is only that it keeps the
summary data in a different location in the superblock, but that is
sufficient to make the file systems incompatible.  There seems to be
no interest in making them compatible.

Suggestion: if FreeBSD 5 used a different clean flag and FreeBSD 4/5
always cleared the other's clean flag whenever they rewrote a superblock,
the file systems would automatically be refscked whenever you switched
between operating systems but not after a normal reboot.

Dan Strick