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bridge troubles with wi


Thanks for trying to help out.

After a few more tests and clues, i managed to ping the router from the
wireless client on the condition that i specify :

on the router
cube# arp -s 00:80:c8:07:29:5c


on the wireless client
(cmd.exe on windows xp) arp -s 00:50:8d:47:e5:67

now that i know what causes it, i dont know how come i have to enter these

a few bits of information i forgot to specify in my last email to the group

system :
i dont feel comfortable posting a whole dmesg output in the list so i'll put
it on my webserver at this address :
dmesg : http://kmem.org/dmesg.boot
rc.conf : http://kmem.org/rc.conf



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> On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 12:22:48PM +0200, Tom Dymond wrote:
> [snip]
> > when tries to ping this is what tcpdump sees :
> >
> > # tcpdump: listening on rl0
> > 12:09:50.169209 arp who-has (0:50:8d:47:e5:67) tell
> Run tcpdump on the wi0 interface during some of your tests. What do
> you see there?
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