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upgrading 4.0 to stable

My problem being though is the box is about 60 mi. away and I have limited
access to it.  I was hoping to be able to pull this off remotely....

What I'm basically looking for is guidance on actually doing an upgrade.

So...when I CVSup, what tags should I do?  Do there still exist tags for
RELENG_4_0, or is the next step straight to RELENG_4_3?  Can I find the
"UPDATING" document that everyone keeps mentioning on the website anywhere
before I go grabbing source, etc.?  I'd really like to find some reading
materials before I just dive into it...it just seems that the materials for
this topic are a little scarce on the site.


upgrading 4.0 to stable
Doug Barton DougB at FreeBSD.org
Thu Oct 2 15:13:07 PDT 2003

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On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, F. Even wrote:

> I'm still kind of hung up looking for some definitive answers on this issue.
> Perhaps you guys can help me out?

The definitive answer is, back up your data, and do a clean install of
the version you want to run. I'd suggest waiting for the upcoming
4.9-Release. Any other method has way too many dangers and complexities.



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