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my mistake compiling kernel

   Dear FreeBSD!
   On my home machine I`ve tried to
compile custom kernel for 5_0 release.
In a script commented out all scsi, raid,
ethernet, nfs options, I had not. So I`ve
included atapicam options and "device
pcm" for AC97 sound chip. After all,
result was an error:

linking kernel
if.o: In function 'if_setlladdr':
if.o(.text+0x2725): undefined reference to 'arp_ifinit'
stop in /usr/orj/usr/src/sys/NEWKERN

I am shure that mistake is mine, but don't know
what option to include. Must be something
I threw away, without knowlidge what it is.
Is there someone, who knows what to do
for linking kernel to finaly compile? Script
excludes and includes exactly what I said.

Yes, 5_0 is very unstable and behaves a
lot different than stable 4_. Best regards

                            Zoran Kolic

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