• [-CURRENT tinderbox] failure on sparc64/sparc64, Tinderbox
  • phoenix crash in libc_r on sparc64, Kris Kennaway
  • qlogic (isp) scsi, Charles E. Youse
  • FBSD 5.0 - SUN 250 - software RAID1, vezku_(_at_)_surfeu_(_dot_)_fi
  • fixing sparc build, John-Mark Gurney
  • PCI bus numbering and orphaned devices, John-Mark Gurney
  • if_dc on sparc64?, Per Kristian Hove
  • Panic on 5.1-RELEASE sparc64 - Quotas, Steven Haywood
  • Problem with threads in 5.1Release, sparc64, Steven Haywood
  • missing serial devices on NetraX1, Honza Dusak
  • sparc 64 - 5.1-RELEASE - - fdisk - bsdlabel - vinum, vezku_(_at_)_surfeu_(_dot_)_fi
  • *IT WORKS* Re: CardBus USB 2.0 Controller (NEC uPD), John-Mark Gurney
  • Need 'ofwdump -ap' output for an Ultra 30, Thomas Moestl
  • pci probing "fixed", John-Mark Gurney
  • June 13th buildkernel broke networking, Roderick van Domburg
  • TESTERS NEEDED: new OFW PCI code, Thomas Moestl
  • sparc64/50789: PCI Bus number reported by /dev/pci is wrong., John-Mark Gurney
  • OFWfs anyone?, John-Mark Gurney
  • rarpd broken on 64bit big endien machines (i.e. sparc64), John-Mark Gurney
  • bootpd also broke :(, John-Mark Gurney
  • TESTERS NEEDED: PCI trap improvements, John-Mark Gurney
  • my e450 has fallen and won't boot up!, John
  • e450, John
  • I wanna help test ..., PaceMakerTaker
  • MozillaFirebird with libthr on sparc64 dies with SIGILL, Kris Kennaway
  • my poor e450 ;), John
  • Freeradius on sparc64, Chris Orr
  • sparc64/53670: pthreads implementation on 5.1-Release sparc64 not working, Steven Haywood
  • panic: trap: fast data access mmu miss, vezku_(_at_)_surfeu_(_dot_)_fi
  • sparc64/53670: pthreads implementation on 5.1-Release sparc64 not working, Thomas Moestl
  • gem0 not working on sparc64 current, Thomas McIntyre
  • HEADS-UP: ipfw2 in RELENG_4 has been sync'ed with -current, Luigi Rizzo
  • Making VNC work on FreeBSD/Sparc64, Anders Nordby

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