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Re: NanoBSD Image

On 26/04/07, Mathieu Arnold <mat_(_at_)_mat_(_dot_)_cc> wrote:
+-Le 26/04/07 04:30 +1000, David N a dit :
| Thanks again, that did the job, got it down to 56MB on 6.2-RELEASE
| just added some of your options in. Do you know where to get more
| information on on the make flags available? man make and man make.conf
| doesn't have much detail. I've been to
| http://phk.freebsd.dk/misc/build_options/ which helped with my compile
| errors =) But i'm just out of further information on how to get it
| slimmer.

I think that when I searched for all thoose, I simply used grep in src's

Mathieu Arnold

At the moment i can get it down to about 41MB by mounting the
partition and deleting some files i dont need in /sbin and /usr/sbin
/usr/include (I'm not sure if i need it) such as gmirror, ggatec,
ggated and all that. Hopefully it doesn't bork it up =)

I'm hoping for 16MB, but i don't think thats going to happen
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