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How do fix a good solution against spam..

I use postfix with mysql which forwards mail to a content filter (
amavisd-new ) which does the virus scanning and Spam detection.  Using Spam
assassin I have DCC, Razor, and Bayesian Learning.  All mail is forwarded
through unless its a virus --> onto Cyrus, then I have Sieve read the mail
headers to filter all Spam into a junk folder.  If Spam still comes through
I just have all my customers forward the mail to report-spam_(_at_)_domain_(_dot_)_tld
<mailto:report-spam_(_at_)_domain_(_dot_)_tld> .  A cron job runs at 6am every morning to
learn from these Spam emails and put them into the Bayesian database.  I
only use one RBL which is relays.ordb.org, I don't like RBL's really because
they have some pretty idiotic polices not to mention they're so secretive.
Spam really isn't a threat - its more annoying then anything else - some
customers like to read through it sometimes - I cant stop them if they want
to.  Yet every two days, all mail that's in the junk folder is automatically