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How do fix a good solution against spam..

At 09:00 PM 05/12/04, Jesper Wallin wrote:
>Heya folks
>First of all, sorry if this isn't the correct list, but yet, I think spam 
>is a kind of
>network attack and should be treated as a security issue..

A much better place to ask would be the spamassassin mailing list.
Send mail to spamassassin-users-subscribe at incubator.apache.org to subscribe

>I run a working mail server
>using Postfix, MySQL, Courier-IMAP, SpamAssassin and ClamAV (amavisd-new) ..
>I've checked the configuration file for SpamAssassin, but yet I havn't 
>find any good
>solution for spam.. Sure, spam will always be a problem and I guess it's 
>impossible to
>filter 100% of all spam..
>Currently, I've made a filter in my mail client which move all mails with 
>a header
>containing "Spam-Level: ***" to a "spam" directory.. The last 2 months, 
>spam and spam
>only has been triggered/filtered.. so I think it's quite useful.. yet, it 
>does send the
>mail.. if it's triggered spam, why does it even send it to the mailbox 
>instead of just
>blocking it? I assume that's because of a bad configuration made by myself..

Fundamental misunderstanding of Spamassassin purpose. It is a filter that marks
mail as spam it does not delete or "block it". Usually one uses something like
procmail as a local delivery agent (or similar) that does the actual deleting
or more usually directs it to a separate spam mailbox. Deleting all email 
marked as
spam usually not considered wise because of the possibility of false 
More common is to mark the lower scoring spam as SPAM and deliver,and only
delete (or maybe archive for some time), the high scoring spam.

>Also, a lot of mail which is spam is not triggered as spam, is it possible 
>to improve
>spamassassin to filter more mails? Like, the way a antivirus program 
>works, (have ids
>for each virus),

Yes read the Spamassassin FAQ and Wiki (and the mailing list archives) and you
will find ways. See http://www.spamassassin.org

>does spamassassin has any "spam ids" or something similar to make it
>filter new mails?

Sort of see the FAQ and Wiki.

Lyle Evans
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