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Problem with DNS (UDP) queries

Hi all

I am trying to get rid of strings:
 kernel: Connection attempt to UDP FREEBSD_IP:port from DNSSERVER_IP:53
on my console and in log file

I understand that those are replies on DNS queries that for some reason
 took too long time to be answered.
I do not want to turn off the "log in vain" feature.

As these strings fill up my log I am afraid to miss some sensitive
messages (e.g. hacker's attack :)

I'm using FreeBSD 5.1 with ipfw2 that allows via static rules both 
                DNS queries and DNS replies.

The main application that generates queries is sendmail.

What can be done?
I've found a lot of similar questions at google but there was no a single answer.

I'd be happy, for example, to increase the FreeBSD resolver timeout but
 I do not want to change any source code.

Thank you for your attention.



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