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Documentation people needed. FreeBSD/Security clue beneficial.

Hi All,

  Ok after watching all the discussion about some security documentation 
and teams I have come up with a few ideas that might help out some. I'm 
willing to program an interface at the extremefreebsd.org site (yes I know 
it's still new and under some work) that will allow the following:

  1. A dedicated page for security related posts (articles, docs, 
advisories, etc) at security.extremefreebsd.org.
  2. The founding members of the team will have voting rights on who can be 
added to the team, through an account interface.
  3. Articles can be posted within a standard formatting template, based on 
the specs I receive from the team.
  4. Any posts that are commited (approved by the team members) will show 
up in the main news section for extreme freebsd.
  5. I can program an interface to allow others to include the posts on 
their sites, very similar to what freebsd.org does to allow other websites 
to link to the new articles.
  6. Any ideas that I have not thought of, but the team has come up with I 
can add to the site as needed.

  I am willing to donate my time and the site for this purpose, all I 
really need is a few specs on what types of interfaces you'd like to use to 
edit/add/archive content via the browser. I don't mean generic login pages, 
etc but the exact layout of the articles, advisories and such... Once I 
have that I can go ape guns on getting the programming done while the 
team(s) are formed...


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