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what actually uses xdr_mem.c?

On Mar 26, at 02:00 PM, Simon Barner wrote:
> As far as I understood your script, it scans the output of "readelf -a", and
> prints that file name if and only if this output contains "XDR" or "xdr". Will
> this work if the binary is stripped (sorry in case I just overlooked something
> stupid :-)

Yes, it does. AFAIK, all base (and port?) software is [by default] stripped
on installation, and the environment I tested that command with had stripped

That isn't "stupid"; it took me a little while to work up that command
(I didn't even know about readelf(1) until someone mentioned it to me).
I'm no ELF expert - I'm no anything expert - but it appears that the ELF
format itself contains these "labels".

> Regards,
>  Simon


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