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Re: gjournal & fsck

Brian McCann wrote:
> Hi all.  I'm having some problems with several servers I've built
> recently (7.0-RELEASE) that are using gjournal.  I had two reboot a
> few days ago (un-related to FreeBSD problems I think)...but when they
> came back up, the file systems wouldn't mount since they were not
> clean.  Now, I understand that UFS knows nothing about the fact that
> it's journaled, and the journaling knows nothing about UFS...but it's

Actually UFS needs to know about gjournal for just this purpose. There's
a special option to newfs that tells the file system to be aware of
gjournal and it should request fscks.

> my understanding that by using gjournal, you should really never need
> to fsck a file system.  However, the only way to get them to mount is
> by doing the fsck.  Is there something else I should be doing instead
> of fsck?

man 8 tunefs

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