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Re: How to eject an USB disk on FreeBSD

Em Qui, 2008-08-28 às 13:56 +0700, Olivier Nicole escreveu:

> Hello,
> Is there a command in FreeBSD that ejects a USB disk like in Windows?
> I mount the USB disk with automount daemone (amd).

You have to umnount it using the umount command
usually umount /mountpount does the tick....

if you are using a graphical interface... (I use gnome...)

install the "disk" monitor (application inside the panel)
right click the mouse on the panel and choose "insert"....

or go to the storage icon and right click....
or go to any nautilus screen and right click

I assume you are using gnome 2.22, 2,20....

the system even pops a screen saying that the umass drive
can be removed.....

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